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About us

It all began in a two-bedroom Manhattan apartment. Mario Badescu leaves Romania to embark on a journey in pursuit of the American Dream. Crafting all of his products by hand, he set out to introduce his European-style facials to the people of New York City. It was in his NYC apartment that he created the now iconic Drying Lotion.

From a two-room facility to a 36-room spa and a 160,000 sq. foot HQ facility (which houses our corporate office and factory), today we're proud to continue upholding our founder's belief in simple, gentle, and effective skincare.

Embraced by celebrities and appreciated across generations, Mario Badescu Skin Care caters to a diverse customer base and can be found in over 75 countries worldwide. We create products that aren’t just thought up in a lab, they’re made and mixed by us – from real-life experience. They work fast, but they’re no quick fix- because we’re in it for the long run. From the first blemish forward. Every day. For a lifetime. And we’ve got three generations of faces to prove it.

Time changes, trends change, but good skin is forever.

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